“Research is creating new knowledge.” – Neil Armstrong

Privacy Peers was founded by Rosalie Salameh, LLM. in 2019 with the view of creating an independent research and advisory platform dedicated to the study of privacy and data protection law located in the Netherlands. Privacy Peers aims to provide research and advisory activities with a clear focus on EU and comparative law.

It is Privacy Peers’ mission to contribute to the existing body of laws, regulations, policies and opinions that exist in this highly dynamic field. By making the study of current affairs in privacy and data protection law available and accessible to a wide audience, we aim to grow awareness and ownership in a field that appears to never stop growing more important.

Rosalie Salameh, LLM. is an experienced Legal and Privacy professional who has worked for a wide variety of private and public organisations, advising on Dutch and cross-border privacy matters. Her interest in legal academic research and writing has led her to continue research and writing activities well throughout her career.

Rosalie Salameh can be contacted via: